Fresh out of the University of Central Florida’s film program a young Marc Shapins decided that Florida needed another production company. Clearly there were not enough in 2005 and he needed to fill the obvious void (Is the sarcasm thick enough?) So since 2005 Marc has been apart of the industry working across the country on all types of projects while also having the chance of working with some of the greatest teams to accomplish some pretty legendary projects.

Luckily, Marc met an 11 (out of 10) who is some sort of unbelievable hair, makeup and wardrobe genius named Amber. Getting married was the only logical thing to do. These two were so obviously awesome together, especially when on a production together. That, and all the other lovey-dovey stuff.


When Amber is not on set she is at the salon. Go ahead and contact her to get your new look.

So, what is “Hoofta” you ask? Originally it was always thought to be another word to replace any other word that you couldn’t think of such as “thing” or “whatchamacallit”. Since Marc worked on all types of productions since 2000 it was only fitting to name the company as he did. Since thing or whatchamacallit meant whatever you wanted it to mean.

Sometime around 2008 it was found out to be an actual word. A Norwegian slang term to be exact. “Holy Crap!” or "Oh wow!" is the closest we can approximate from the official definition of an urban dictionary where it is described as an excited expletive. So we are excited to be... excited!

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